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Engineered timber products for the 21st Century

Combining the latest technology with responsibly and sustainably sourced timbers Lyten has replicated, and even extended, its vast PVC-U product range to offer customers a one stop shop for their glazing solutions. We incorporate engineered timber where possible to increase stability and minimise waste resulting in a product even more comparable to the practicalities of PVC-U.

We have invested in the latest equipment to provide our customers with a product that is painted before final assembly with the most modern micro-porous paint technology.

Traditional Sash and Case

Ideal for conservation areas this classic window comes available with many extras including sash horns, cords, lead weights, simplex opening sets and different hardware colours. Manufactured to traditional daylight sizes this window can be either single or double glazed depending on your requirements.

Tilt and Slide Vertical Slider

The equivalent to our PVC-U sash and case this window has spring balances and a tilt in facility for easy cleaning. Unlike the traditional timber Sash and Case this window is manufactured to outside frame sizes the same as PVC-U windows.

Casement Window

A simple and elegantly versatile window, casements open externally and have slim lines to maximise glass area. Easy clean and fire escape options are available on specification.

Tilt and Turn Window

An internally opening window offering secure ventilation and easy cleaning. It may also provide a fire escape facility.

Fully reversible window

The sash rotates through nearly 180 degrees enabling the outside glass to be safely cleaned from the inside, making this window ideal for multi-storey applications. The entire action of the sash does not encroach to the inside of the house leaving curtains and blinds untouched.

Double swing reversible window

Two reversible sashes are offset to simulate a sash and case window when closed. Horns may be added to the top sash to enhance this look.

Residential doors

We offer a double seal door similar to our PVC-U door. Fully glazed, half glazed or flat panel options are available.

French doors

Double sealed similar to our PVC-U French doors. All doors come with handles on each sash as standard and wheelchair access where specified.

Tilt and slide patio door

A great alternative to French doors these doors offer an additional tilt in secure ventilation facility similar to the tilt and turn window. These are only available in Hardwood.

Bi-Fold Doors

Manufactured from sustainably sourced Hardwood these doors have an aluminium track threshold. Available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 door configurations, 900mm width per sash.


All of our timber products are bespoke and made to measure so give us a call to discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable and friendly team who can provide you with a free no obligation quotation.

  • Complete layered coverage increases the wood’s protection, increasing the life span of our products.

  • Spray application avoids unsightly brush marks.

  • Gaskets and seals are fixed after painting to ensure they are paint free and working perfectly.

A timber window frame being resprayed An old stone house with bay, suare and naroow round topped windows Timber frames before construction A stack of timber panels